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Redefining the Way 
You browse the Internet

The current Internet is filled with semi-nude images, that are exposed to our eyes on a constant basis.

We want to offer you the best browsing experience, by removing all nudity from your browser and keeping you focused.

This is not a filter that will block access to websites, this plugin is made for mature adults who want a safe browsing experience.


Freedom to Choose with

Deactivation Option

One of the unique features of our extension is the ability to deactivate it at any time. Traditional filters often require administrative permissions to disable, which can be inconvenient and frustrating for users. Our extension is different; it gives users the freedom to choose when and where to access adult content while still ensuring their overall browsing experience remains safe. This feature reinforces the importance of accountability and encourages users to make responsible choices when browsing the internet.


Targeted Approach for a Positive User Experience

Traditional filters can be frustrating for many users, as they may restrict access to harmless images, leading to negative feelings towards the filter. Our extension takes a targeted approach, ensuring that only human images are blocked, allowing users to access other safe and appropriate content online without feeling unfairly restricted. By providing a positive user experience, we aim to promote responsible internet usage and empower users to make informed decisions about their browsing habits.

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